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True to its central theme "Strength in Numbers", SAS Global Forum 2013 is opening conference doors even wider this year and welcoming the SAS community to participate wherever you are. So sit back and enjoy the show!

SAS Global Forum 2013 will be hosted in beautiful San Francisco starting April 28 until May 1. There’s nothing like taking in the sights and sounds live from the location while attending the conference,but understandably a whole lot of you may not be able to join in person. We don't want you to feel left out. Living in a digital age, technology is our new best friend.  Key happenings from this year's conference will be live streamed straight to the comforts of your home, office or just about wherever you are at that point in time.

With so many highlights at the conference, it may get tricky to know how to choose among them. Do I attend the grand Opening Session, or stay for the Technology Connection? I certainly do not want to miss the exciting General Session! Now what about all the interesting interviews from my favorite speakers in Live Reports, Tech Talks and SAS Talks Live? How do I divide my time between them? The statisticians among you must be thinking all I really want to focus on is the select technical papers being presented.

 Every day is packed with papers, presentations and networking opportunities so it's not an easy decision to choose which ones to attend. Luckily for you, SAS Global Forum Livestream makes this decision easier.  You can access two unique channels throughout the conference providing full coverage on all the above. So with a click of button, you will be transported all the way to San Francisco and enjoy the show just as if you were there “live” with the rest of the attendees. Even if you're attending the conference in person, you can use our Livestream agenda to help you decide which sessions to attend and which to watch later.   

 Video crews have rolled out the carpet, positioned the camera, and turned on the lights!  All you need to do is grab the best seat, extend the invitation to your colleagues and save the date and link on your calendars. Don’t forget to keep checking our SAS Global Forum website for latest updates and happenings.

 Until then, stay tuned!

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