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I’ve attended many trade shows and conferences in my career, but there is nothing like a user conference. I feel that way because I’ve been working with SAS and DataFlux users for over eight years. Or maybe it’s because I helped plan the DataFlux users event again and again. Nonetheless, I love the vibe you get when surrounded by users who know their stuff!

The 2013 SAS Global Forum in San Francisco later this month will be no different. For years, SAS Global Forum proved to be THE premier event for SAS professionals. Everywhere you look, a user can find educational and networking opportunities as well as demonstrations all in the name of maximizing the value of their data. Add in the expanded sessions around data management, data integration and data quality and you have a user conference you just can’t miss.

This event will allow the SAS DataFlux Data Management users to participate in a variety of ways. They can start their week in a pre-conference training course and then gain further hands-on exposure with the data management technology in the 50-minute workshops. I was thrilled when I used the Agenda Builder and saw the amount of presentations that focused on data management, master data management, data integration and data governance. Since my last position at SAS was heavily focused on these topics, I automatically thought of all of the users that would benefit greatly from these sessions.

No attendee can go to SAS Global Forum without visiting the SAS Support and Demo area. Here, users can view demonstrations and visit the customer loyalty area. This should be on the must-do list for any attendee, especially the data management users. They can meet other users and learn about the vast number of resources available to every SAS user.

Don't miss out on the networking opportunities! My personal favorite is the charity event on Tuesday evening. Users can roll up their sleeves and build bikes for the local community. All of these great brains in one place and helping out too - what a great combination!

Sadly, I will not be attending the event and will miss seeing our users, hearing their successes and watching them learn from each other. However, I am thrilled to hold down the fort in Cary, NC and take part at the comfort of my own desk because so many great sessions will be available via live stream. Perhaps someone can share live video of the Golden Gate Bridge!


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