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Yes, it’s February 15 and plenty of people celebrated yesterday for obvious reasons; Valentine’s Day.  But today, SAS Global Forum is celebrating for other reasons.  It’s not about flowers, candy and love notes for us this week– it’s about content, content and more content.  That’s right – we’re celebrating today because one of the most treasured conference resources is available as of today – the Agenda Builder!

Agenda Builder is a resource that allows conference attendees to plan out and build their personal conference experience based on the content that is most relevant to them.

Not yet registered?  Not to worry.  You can still build a temporary agenda so you can see for yourself (or show your boss) the invaluable content available for you at SAS Global Forum.

So put down your leftover chocolate and candy covered hearts, roll up your sleeves and check out www.sasglobalforum.org to build your very own conference experience through the Agenda Builder.


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Rick Mitchell

IT Manager at Westat

Rick Mitchell is an IT Manager at Westat, an employee-owned research corporation. He manages a diverse IT team including SAS programmers and has 23 years of experience with SAS performing statistical analyses, reporting, and data management in the area of health studies and clinical trials. He holds a BS in Statistics from North Carolina State University and an MS in Computer Systems Management from University of Maryland. Rick has served as a Section Chair for SUGI and SAS Global Forum for many years and also served as a Co-Conference Chair for the NorthEast SAS Users Group (NESUG) in 2007. Rick is a routinely invited speaker and has been recognized with multiple awards for his presentations on SAS programming techniques/solutions.


  1. So, with this year's version of the Agenda Builder, let's say I want to find papers by a particular author, or by authors with a particular organization -- how can I do that?

    • You can use Advanced Search once you have logged into the site. I don't believe this is available with the "Sample" agenda. I had a few problems but it seems to be working fine now.

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