Considering submitting a paper for SAS Global Forum?


Are you considering submitting a paper to the SAS Global Forum?  The deadline for submissions is right around the corner – here’s some ideas to help you get your paper selected!  Steve Overton and Tricia Aanderud have presented papers at several of the SAS user groups and here are a few things they have learned.

Need an idea?

There are several ways to generate ideas:

  • Review the conference sections – You can see the broad range of interest areas the conference covers. You can do anything from a 10-minute Quick Tip to a theory for better managing Systems Architecture & Administration. Your topic may be more suited to an industry, such as Pharma and Health Care, Financial Services or Retail.
  • Review past proceedings - this helps you think of some different topics or some ways to expand on an existing subject. If there is a particular area of interest, review the past topics to get a better feel for the depth of the subject matter. Ask your colleagues for some ideas. You might also consider areas where you want to learn more about the topic. Use the paper as an excuse to increase your SAS skillset!
  • Share your learning breakthrough - Think of something you had difficulty learning and your "breakthrough” moment. Maybe your insight would help others understand easier. Peter Eberhardt, Foundations and Fundamentals section chair, commented on LinkedIn that he was hoping to see some fresh takes in his section. Sounds like he is open for some ideas. Pitch him your idea!
  • Share a totally new concept – Maybe your team has developed a cool method for solving an issue or an epic way to deal with some big data? Perhaps your team or even a fellow SASaholic would like to submit a paper with you? Remember there is safety in numbers if you are stage shy.  However, check with your management before submitting a paper to ensure the solution can be shared. Sometimes the company does not mind the solution being shared as long as you use sample data.
  • Don’t forget, 2013 is the year of the poster – The Posters and Video Presentation section is seeking 100 posters. If you are a little shy or it’s your first time, then consider this section. This is another section where the sky is the limit!

Tips to increase your chances of being selected

If you have your heart set on presenting, then use these tips to increase your chances:

  • Submit multiple paper ideas! Instead of just submitting one idea to a section, think of multiple ideas for several sections. Also, consider how an idea could be presented multiple ways – as theory, as technique, or as a poster.
  • Review past proceedings to make sure your idea has not been presented before. If your idea has been presented, then see if you can think of a way to expand the idea to make it different or a new way to present the information.
  • Submit more than an outline. Nancy Brucken, Hands-on Workshops section chair, noted several times that as she narrows down the papers for selection of the submissions, more information helps her understand what the person intends to discuss.Generally, when the section chairs see an idea that is fully presented – maybe even completely written – then they know that person will not drop out if selected. Thus, if you submit a sentence outline as opposed to a sentence or two, the section chair can follow your thought process better.
  • Use good grammar, complete sentences, and pictures if it helps the section chairs understand your intent.

Ready to submit?

When you are ready to submit your topics, use the Call For Participation page. Deadline – Nov 19!


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