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The dictionary defines excellence as the quality or state of excelling or something in which one excels. Here at SAS, we get our definition of excellence from the stories we hear – stories from you, about you. These stories are here – in the SAS Circle of Excellence.

The Circle of Excellence was created to celebrate excellent users and encourage them to share their stories and experiences. So far, there have been more than 60 submissions, and they keep coming in!

Here are some of the great quotes and memories we’ve heard so far:

One SAS user remembers seeing Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS, give a presentation on a blackjack application he wrote about 25 years ago.

For an old-time programmer, I can still do what I did more than 20 years ago and get great results. 

The SAS users group conferences are the most useful (and affordable) continuing education events that I attend.

You may be sitting there thinking, “I could totally be a part of this program.” And I want to say “YES, you can!” If you’ve been using SAS for 10 years or more, send us your story!

Complete this survey to kick things off!  Once your story has been written, it will become part of the SAS Circle of Excellence.


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  1. Nina L. Werner on

    I remember using PROC EXPLODE on an IBM 360 to print out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOSS" on greenbar fanfold paper in 1980. Everyone said,"How did you do THAT?"

  2. Using PROC GSLIDE in graduate school for our presentations because the university had SAS on the campus computers but not PowerPoint - and we were all too broke to buy it. Using PROC CALENDAR to print out desk calendars because the university was too cheap to buy them for the graduate assistants.

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