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Hi, I'm Andrea Wainwright-Zimmerman. I'm doing two papers at SAS Global Forum 2012: one in Reporting and Information Visualization and one in Coder's Corner.

In Coder's Corner, I've got a simple trick using a DATA Step and a PROC SORT to achieve the same thing as a PROC SORT NODUPKEY, but I let the data determine what records are kept rather than the SAS logic, which may not keep what we want.  The called 'Intelligent PROC SORT NODUPKEY'

My other paper is a really neat trick: I figured out a trick that allows me to format my Excel workbook, build pivot tables and graphs, and then have SAS make a copy of that workbook and write my data to it.  The next time the code runs there is still a blank template to copy and write to.  This has saved me from having to learn DDE or ODS and gives me a few tricks they can't do (like the Excel graphs only needing to be built once).  This paper is called 'Quick and Dirty Formatted Excel Workbooks without DDE or ODS'.

These are rapid-fire sessions, so if we don't get to your question please take time during the conference to meet with me.  You can also connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter. See you there!



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