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Hi. I'm Amy Peters, Product Manager at SAS. I've scheduled a meetup at this year's SAS Global Forum to talk with you about WebDMS (in Northern Hemisphere E-2 at the Dolphin). It's under development - the basic version is due to be released this summer on SAS® 9.3 for use by SAS OnDemand for Academics for the Fall semester. Before its release, my team and I would like to get your feedback, and SAS Global Forum is the best place to start.

This first release of WebDMS will allow you to edit and run SAS programs, view the log, view HTML results and explore SAS libraries via a Web browser connected to a SAS server – no SAS footprint on your local machine.  The plan is to grow this into offerings that will support Mac users and SAS developers on the cloud and provide components that could be reused in other development environments like SAS solutions or Eclipse.

I know you are going to be very interested in WebDMS and the capabilities it will provide. At SAS Global Forum, I want to get your feedback to help drive our development.  I’d also like suggestions for a name for this new product.  Sorry, no prizes will be offered - just prestige.    

Those who may be interested in this first round of conversations:

  • Students
  • Professors
  • SAS programmers both “classic” and new

I'd love to hear from DMS die-hards, customers considering moving their development to a cloud and users with a programming background who are new to SAS.  Bring your experiences and expectations so that we (SAS) can build the best for you. I've scheduled a meetup on Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m in Northern Hemisphere E-2 at the Dolphin. Please join me to talk about this basic, but very wonderful improvement. I'll also be in the SAS Support and Demo Area throughout the week.


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    • I love that you're already thinking about this. Honestly, naming is one of my favorite activities. Unfortunately, Apple has trademarked the lowercase i when used in this kind of way. But keep those creative juices flowing!

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