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Unofficial Official Guide to SAS Global ForumEveryone is looking for a bargain, especially those traveling with their families to Orlando for SAS Global Forum. Orlando is the land of theme parks and attractions, many with hefty ticket prices.

Since I am heading to Orlando in April myself, I have been doing quite a lot of research.

Here are some tips I have found to be helpful:

  1. Be official – The best source of information, many times, is straight from the horse’s mouth, or perhaps I should say mouse’s. Visit official websites for up-to-date offers, news and information.
  2. Be social – In this day and age you can find information from peers and insiders without calling in favors, I mean that literally – no phone needed. There are blogs and discussion forums that offer a lot of insight from those who create the attractions and those who participate in them. Check out LinkedIn and Facebook, and follow folks via Twitter. You would be surprised at the number of tips you can learn in 140 characters or even about 140 characters (ha, ha, ha!)
  3. Be prepared – Planning ahead often allows you to take advantage of cheaper airline prices, hotel stays and sweet attraction ticket deals.
  4. Buy direct– There are many scams out there that may appear to save you money. I ask you this - when you get to the gate and you can’t get in – was it worth it?
    • I have discovered that Undercover Tourist is a reputable site which may offer discounts to various theme parks. Since it is an official reseller it is almost like buying direct.

You can apply the tips above to your SAS Global Forum conference planning in addition to any extended family time.

The SAS Global Forum website is the best resource for your conference planning. It allows you to keep up-to-date on the latest news and information. It also links you to social media channels where you can connect with and learn from peers and insiders.

I will let you know a not-so-secret, but time sensitive tip for SAS Global Forum - A savings of up to $250 off the regular price is available if you register by March 19. That’s a sweet ticket deal you should not pass up.

What are your  tips for the Unofficial Official Guide?

Tune in next time– Same SAS Time, Same SAS Channel - to learn more about planning your upcoming trip to the Sunshine State.


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  2. Chris Hemedinger
    Chris Hemedinger on

    Here's my tip: don't assume that ticket resellers at 3rd party hotels are offering the best deal. The fact is that park tickets (for Disney World or Universal) are rarely sold at a discount on their own. You can sometimes find good package deals though, where a reseller will offer something else that you might want (food vouchers, entrance to another attraction, etc.), and the total price might represent a savings to you...but only if you value everything that's in the package.

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