Introducing 2012 Conference Chair-Elect Andy Kuligowski


I've had the pleasure of knowing Andy Kuligowski for years through our mutual work with local and regional SAS users groups. He's a huge hockey fan, and he's not afraid of rats, snakes or alligators (more about that later). His sense of humor is also famous. Read on to learn more about Andy himself and his role at this year's conference, and be sure to say hello and introduce yourself. He really will welcome your feedback.

1. Why did you get involved with SAS Global Forum?

Andy Kuligowski

In a nutshell: Because someone asked. I was named co-chair of the Posters section for the SouthEast SAS Users Group (SESUG) '94 Conference. I attended SUGI 19 (now called SAS Global Forum, of course) in Dallas, TX early in 1994, and went to consult with their Posters chair for hints about running the section. I also asked if she had any recommendations for potential speakers willing to come to our conference that fall. The response was, "The best way for you to decide that is for you to be one of our Poster judges! Here's a clipboard, here's a schedule. This isn't a problem, is it?" It wasn't ... That was the second SUGI I attended, and I've gotten more active every year.

2. What is your role at this year’s conference?

I have several official roles & titles - Industry Solutions Chair and SAS Global Forum Warm-up Session Presenter, for example. But my main job at SAS Global Forum 2011 is to observe. In order to make SAS Global Forum 2012 a success, I need to retain and perhaps even improve upon the things that the attendees like at this year's conference - and modify anything that does not meet their current needs.

3. Where I could find you, if you weren’t at a SAS users group conference?

I usually speak at 5 or 6 SAS user events a year across the US and Canada, so that is actually a great place to start looking. On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me in the back rooms at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa; I'm a volunteer assistant to the biologists, caring for the reptiles that are used in the morning animal encounter show. I deal with alligators, gopher tortoises, and 4 kinds of snakes. In the past, I've also dealt with other snake species and lizards, as well as mammals such as armadillos, opossums, rats, porcupines, and even goats. Otherwise, in fall and winter, you might check at the Tampa Bay Lightning games; I've had season tickets since the team was formed. Spring and summer are baseball season, so I try to get to a couple of Tampa Bay Rays games each month.


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Michael H. Smith joined SAS in 1988. He has enjoyed working directly with SAS users groups throughout the US since 1995. He currently supports PharmaSUG and other special-interest groups. He has been blogging about SAS users groups since 2009.

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