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SAS Global Forum appreciates the support of its sponsors. I asked a Teradata representative some questions so that we could get to know this valued Premier sponsor better.

1. Can you provide some background information on the Teradata Corporation?

Teradata is the world’s largest company focused solely on raising intelligence and achieving enterprise agility through our database software, data warehousing platforms, industry consulting and integrated marketing management. We’ve led the data warehousing market since our inception, with nearly 1,200 customers and more than 2,500 implementations. On any given business day in almost every industry throughout the world, well over a million users access a Teradata data warehouse for quick, precise and reliable intelligence to support business decisions.

2. What initiatives or goals are you trying to achieve by partnering with SAS?

Since the SAS and Teradata partnership was established in 2007, our goal has always been to more closely collaborate to establish the world’s most powerful business analytic environment, products and services. When you combine the two recognized leaders in big data and business analytics it is a “win-win” for everyone, most importantly our joint customers. The foundation of this effort is to move the analytics as close to the data as possible with the ultimate goal being to increase the speed of making critical business decisions.

3. What results have you obtained from partnering with SAS?

The value of the partnership is clearly resonating with customers. The SAS and Teradata partnership in 2010 resulted in the most new customer wins for Teradata than with any other partner.

4. How do you envision your organization and SAS jointly solving business problems in 2011 and beyond?

Teradata has made architectural strategic enhancements specifically to improve integration between SAS and Teradata. For our joint customers, this means streamlined solutions and offers including the Advantage Programs. The Advantage Programs remove the guesswork that many of our customers face as they determine the best way to build a fully integrated, high-performing, scalable in-database environment. These programs provide bundled packages (hardware, software, and services) based on the ability to run and optimize key SAS processes within the Teradata database. The Business Analytics Innovation Center is a unique offering that features the technology innovations and experience of SAS and Teradata, combined with the expertise of Elder Research Inc., the largest company in the United States focused only on data mining and predictive analytics services.

5. What makes SAS Global Forum 2011 a valued sponsorship opportunity for you?

Teradata is proud to be the Platinum sponsor of the premier conference for SAS professionals worldwide. SGF offers a variety of opportunities to raise our corporate and partnership profile and to further establish SAS and Teradata as the leading integrated analytics platform. I encourage attendees to stop by the Teradata booth in the SAS Support and Demo area to learn more about Teradata and our one-of-a-kind partnership

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