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There are over 400 hundred presentations to choose from at SAS Global Forum 2011. With all of these options, it pays to plan ahead. Why not start building your agenda now? The Personal Agenda Builder tool allows you to plan your conference schedule with point and click ease. It has the latest up-to-date information on papers, posters and workshops. To help optimize your time and opportunities, the application will allow you to filter your search by any combination of day, company, industry, paper type, section, skill level, and speaker, as well as search for keywords. You can also view the presentation schedule in chronological order.

If you’ve enjoyed reading who has “SASonality” or about former best paper authors from the “Snapshot of the Best Papers - 2010” series, keep your curiosity going by using the author index search. For example, I used an author search on SASonality Diane Hatcher, and I found that she’s presenting “Considerations for Implementing a Highly Available or Disaster Recovery Environment” in the Systems Architecture and Administration section. I also found that 2010 past best paper authors Ian Healy and Rocket Wong are both back on the schedule this year as presenters in the Healthcare Providers & Insurers section. All good stuff to know!

Not registered for the conference yet? You can build a temporary agenda and share it with your boss. What better way to demonstrate all that you can learn at the conference?

Registered already? You can save your agenda and update it as often as you like until you’ve built the ideal schedule for your needs.

Happy searching and planning!


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