What’s Different About the SAS Global Forum Blog, and Why Should You Care?


When we started this blog two years ago, we had a lot of ideas on how it could benefit SAS users. We also realized that since everyone else had a blog, that we needed one too! Last year, we became more organized, set some goals for the blog and brought on more contributors. And what about this year?

We’re not changing our name, or location, or purpose, but we are making some additions that we hope you’ll find valuable and enjoy. We plan to be your main hub for everything SAS Global Forum. We want to tease you with upcoming conference content and speakers, and please you with details about how to make the most of your time while in Las Vegas.

Get ready for more postings, by more people, more frequently. We’re adding new features such as:
• Paper of the Month.
• Videos.
• Guest Speakers.
• Presenter Spotlights.

We also hope to hear from you. If there other features, topics or questions you want us to address, please let me know. Comments are encouraged and welcome.

And by the way, if you intend to submit a paper for consideration, that deadline is coming up soon (Monday, October 25). For those of you that are presenting at one of the regional SAS Users Group conferences this fall, here’s a hint: Why not submit your paper for consideration at SAS Global Forum 2011 as well?


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Michael Smith

Marketing Specialist

Michael H. Smith joined SAS in 1988. He has enjoyed working directly with SAS users groups throughout the US since 1995. He currently supports PharmaSUG and other special-interest groups. He has been blogging about SAS users groups since 2009.

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