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From agriculture to wholesale, 29 industries were represented at SAS Global Forum 2010. Which industry was the most well-represented? Here's a breakdown of the top ten by percentage of attendees:

1. Government (13%)
2. Education (12%)
3. Healthcare insurance (10%)
4. Pharma (9%)
5. Consulting and systems integration (8%)
6. Insurance (7%)
7. Financial services (6%)
8. Banking (5%)
9. Retail (5%)
10. Telecommunications (3%)


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  1. Thanks for your feedback Sharon. I've sent your comment on to the group that does the planning for the conference. I also wanted to let you know that there was the capability to use an online tool called SGF Connect Online: http://www.sascommunity.org/wiki/SGF_Connect_Online
    that would allow people attending the conference to connect online with other attendees before, during and after the conference. You might want to check it out. Thanks again and we hoped you enjoyed the conference!

  2. Sharon Semegen on

    While at the forum I could not find a list of attendees or companies/entities that were represented at the event. I work for the state of Washington and it would have been helpful to know if there were other state workers in attendance, even if they weren't from my state. Perhaps a color coded name badge (green for state government, orange for federal government, red for finance industries, etc)? This way I could cozy up to the people who probably share my interests simply by looking at their badges.

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