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A lot of you have been using the Personal Agenda Builder since I first blogged about it on January 15. As you may recall, this handy tool allows you to plan your conference schedule with point and click ease. It has the latest up-to-date information on the papers, posters and workshops. The information, including abstracts, may be viewed by Date, Company, Industry, Paper Type, Section, Skill Level or Speaker.

You can now also add “Super Demo” presentations using the Personal Agenda Builder. Just use the words “Super Demo” as keywords in your search, and you’ll get a full list. What are Super Demos, you ask? Super Demos are regularly scheduled, fifteen minute presentations in the Demo Alley area of the Demo room. These demos provide a quick look at various SAS software products, including many new and exciting enhancements. They’re definitely worth a look – I recommend adding a few of them to your list of things to see.

But back to hot topics. Are you curious about “what’s hot” based on what presentation topics registered attendees are adding to their agendas? If so, I’ve taken a snapshot of the data that I have available to me from the Personal Agenda Builder, and I’m happy to share your rankings.

For Monday, April 12, your three most popular presentations are:
• Using Advanced Features of User-Defined Formats and Informats
• PROC DATASETS: The Swiss Army Knife of SAS Procedures
• The MEANS/SUMMARY Procedure: Doing More

For Tuesday, April 13, your three most popular presentations are:
• A Serious Look at Macro Quoting
• Exploring Powerful Features in PROC SQL
• When Best to Use the %LET Statement, the SYMPUT Routine, or the INTO Clause to Create Macro Variables

For Wednesday, April 14, your three most popular presentations are:
• Boot Camp for Programmers: Stuff You Need to Know That's Not in the Manual and Best Practices to Help Us Achieve Reproducibility
• PROC COMPARE: Worth Another Look!
• How to Use Arrays and DO Loops: Do I DO OVER or Do I DO i?

For these hot topics, space may be limited, and you know how quickly your time will fly by. Take a moment and create your Personal Agenda now. And if you haven’t registered yet … here’s friendly reminder that pre-registration, with its associated discounts, ends April 5 at midnight.


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