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I can’t take credit for selecting Seattle as the site of SAS Global Forum 2010. But I can thank the SAS Global Forum Executive Board for making that decision a number of years ago. We had a terrific conference the last time (SUGI 28 in 2003), and that must be one reason we’re going back. Personally, I’m planning on adding some vacation time in conjunction with business. How about you?

If you’re not into shopping, art museums, or kayaking, then you may want to check out the Geek’s Guide to Seattle. Not that I’m calling anyone a Geek, but if you’re like me, you may be interested in seeing the first wireless telephone (from 1910) on display in Seattle’s Museum Of History & Industry. Or you might want to experience flight without leaving the ground at the Museum of Flight’s flight simulators. There you can try your hand at WWII dogfights, hang gliders, or even landing on the Moon! Ever wonder where Microsoft chairman Bill Gates lives? His high-tech Medina mansion is on the shores of Lake Washington and is notable enough to have its own Wikipedia page. Have fun!


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