Who attended SAS® Global Forum 2009?


The numbers are in and SAS Global Forum 2009 had strong attendance with 3,353 attendees.

What do we know about the SAS professionals who gathered in Washington, DC, this week?

• 25 percent of attendees traveled here from outside the United States.
• The top 10 countries represented were: Canada, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK, Belgium, Brazil, Finland and Germany.
• 29 percent of attendees are first-timers at the conference.
• The top three industries represented are government with 19 percent of attendees; education with 8 percent; and consulting systems and integration with 7 percent.
• Rounding out the top 10 industries are: pharmaceutical; financial services; insurance; banking and depository; computer software and peripherals; retail; and life sciences.


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