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Chris Daman 1
The 7-year question

I have been at SAS for 7 years and up until 10 days ago, I had never been asked this question. Since then, I've been asked four times, so now must be the time to answer it! Question: Can we simply use a linear regression model to predict the response rate

Michele Reister 2
Three statistics books for introductory SAS students

Recently, this question was asked of our SAS training instructors: For a SAS Programming 1: Essentials student, what would be a good book recommendation for a Statistics book? Here are the recommendations (in no particular order): Step-by-Step Basic Statistics Using SAS: Student Guide and Exercises By: Larry Hatcher A Handbook

Miss SAS Answers 1
Moving standard deviation

Dear Miss SAS Answers, I am having a tough time developing SAS code to determine volatility ( i.e.: the moving standard deviation using GARCH approach). I need a conditional volatility measure of exchange rate from past 40 years. I have data from the past 50 years, and I would like to determine volatility using