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Where to find what? A guide to SAS resources

Having recently written my first blog post on the SAS Users Groups blog with the QUEST to Learn SAS article I have become inspired to share more with the SAS community outside of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. At our last QUEST (Queensland Users Exploring SAS Technology) local SAS user group meeting

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125 years of experience can't be wrong

Occasionally we see students in our more advanced courses who have skipped the Programming 1: Essentials class. Usually they are familiar with SAS or other programming languages. Sometimes they are even fluent and proficient in other programming languages. They feel comfortable skipping the basics and moving on to other classes,

SAS Events
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What Didn't Stay in Vegas

Just flew back from Vegas, and boy, are my arms tired! (ba-dump) If you attended SAS Global Forum, you probably learned a lot of things you didn't know. But if you were a SAS employee, you also learned a lot of things you didn't know. One of the perks of

Programming Tips
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To INDEX or not to INDEX...

Recently, a certification candidate asked me about indexes and how SAS decides whether to use one or not.  I don't work with supper-large data sets and therefore haven't been overly concerned with efficient coding techniques and consequently had no idea what an index was. So off to SAS 9.2 online