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Flexibility of SAS Enterprise Miner

Do you use an array of tools to perform predictive analytics on your data? Is your current tool not flexible enough to accommodate some of your requirements? SAS Enterprise Miner may be your solution. With growing number of data mining applications, having a tool which can do variety of analysis

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Explaining analytics with Jeff Zeanah

One of the most important skills for data scientists and business analytical professionals is communications. If decision makers and managers don't understand what the numbers mean -- results won't turn into action. Jeff Zeanah, President of Z Solutions, Inc. has been presenting on the topic of speaking “analytics” for many

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Why I love the Analytics conference series

Maggie Miller and I were chatting about the reasons for enjoying the Analytics 2014 conference in Las Vegas and I made a comment she thought was peculiar. I said that I liked the conference because I could talk about complicated things. She asked me to explain what I meant by that.

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Is trusting your gut the right way to go?

When I was young, the use of analytics wasn’t widespread – even in very large companies. Organizations relied on their leaders’ experience built on years in the industry. The more experience and knowledge a leader had, the better the decisions they made and the more successful the business was. The

Learn SAS
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SAS Certification at Analytics 2014

Attending an industry conference requires an investment in time away from the office and maximizing that investment makes a lot of sense.  In addition to gaining insight into challenges facing the analytics industry today,  discovering and evaluating new products and services, and networking with the largest gathering of analytics professionals

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Higher education and analytics

It's my favorite time of year! The leaves are changing. Football is back. And it's also time for our annual Analytics conference. One of the best parts about my job is getting to attend the conference each year and host the Inside Analytics video series. Not everyone at the conference gets

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