New features in SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1


New features in SAS Enterprise GuideSAS Enterprise Guide has come a long way since version 1.0 was released in 1999! Are any of you original users that remember the Help characters, Clippy, Peedy or Merlin?  I was working as a statistician for another company that year, and I attended a SAS user group meeting where this magical, point-and-click application was presented – and it actually WROTE SAS CODE FOR YOU!  I was mystified, but since my company didn’t have this amazing new software, I promptly forgot the name of the product.  Just a few years later, in my first assignment as an instructor with SAS Education, I was asked to learn and teach SAS Enterprise Guide version 1.2. Yes, that same magical application I saw in its infancy!

I have served as the lead developer for our SAS Enterprise Guide training for 15 years, and I’ve watched the software mature, expand in functionality and grow in popularity.  I still love teaching Enterprise Guide classes because my students often come to training with frustrations or gaps in their abilities to deal with their data needs, yet they leave enthusiastic knowing Enterprise Guide can solve those problems!

SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1 was released in October 2014.  And since then, there have been minor updates in version 7.11 (May 2015) and 7.12 (February 2016).  There have been so many wonderful new features that have been added in each of these updates that I want to bring them to light!  Check out this series of four short videos that demonstrate all the new additions with each of these versions – both for point-and-click users and SAS programmers.  And stay tuned for future videos as well!  I will have to leave the last video as a cliff-hanger, but I can promise developers are working on some really cool additions for the next update.

New Point-and-Click Features in SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1

New Programming Features in SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1

New Features in SAS Enterprise Guide 7.11

New Features in SAS Enterprise Guide 7.12


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Stacey Syphus is a senior manager and instructor for SAS Education. Her areas of expertise include SAS programming, SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Studio. Occasionally she gets back to her roots and teaches a statistics course. When not teaching or writing SAS training, she is likely chauffeuring her 3 children to various activities, visiting fun places near her Northern California home, or watching college football or basketball.


  1. Daniel Vazquez Vargas on

    The four links at the end of the article are 'noy found'.
    Do you know why?

  2. I too remember the office assistants well. Similarly to Phil, I used to write code that would manipulate the ActiveX object that presented the characters. Those were the days when we used to have the time for such frivolities! Today Enterprise Guide and SAS Studio make programming far more productive thanks to syntax autocomplete.

  3. I actually wrote VB code to use Peedy and Merlin to animate my programs, and was devastated when they were removed from EG. However, I've been an EG user since version 1.1.1 and currently have EG 7.12 installed on my PC. I've given up using DMS, and use the EG code node for all my SAS editing. I particulrly like the code indenter.

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