Four reasons I am stoked about SAS Professionals Convention


ice cream boatThe 2014 SAS Professionals Convention, hosted by SAS UK and Ireland, will be June 24-26 at the beautiful headquarters in Marlow, just outside of London. SAS Marlow campus is surrounded by fairy-filled flowering gardens and there is a bluff overlooking the river Thames (where, by my honor, they have actual ice-cream BOATS; I am not joking, you must see them).  But that is only one of the reasons I am excited to go. Here are the others…

SAS Professionals Connecting

This conference is a mix of academic and professional SAS users, but what they mostly share in common is that using SAS is a regular part of their work. These are people who have great ideas, suggestions, and tricks for the most of their data. All of us will be invigorated by the ideas and tips we pick up from other users, and I plan to bring home tons of feedback to share with my colleagues here in Cary.

Sharing Ideas

I hope that this conference will also be a chance to invigorate others, as I’m giving three presentations during the conference. The first (June 24) is a discussion of how universities can prepare the next generation of business analysts. The second (June 25) addresses on strategies to bridge the analytical talent gap. The third (June 26) is a discussion of some segmentation tips and tricks for the banking industry. I’ve spent plenty of time researching, interviewing, and culling past projects to put these talks together, and I’m excited to share with attendees at the conference.


This one is completely selfish, I admit, but I’m just so excited that one of the other presenters is my friend Michelle Homes from Metacoda. She is such a delightful, vibrant, intelligent woman and I can’t wait to see her talk on creating dashboards in SAS Visual Analytics.

If you will be at the SAS Professionals convention, please introduce yourself! I’m excited to meet you and hear about how the conference is going for you. Give me tips and feedback to take back to SAS HQ.

And if you hear the jingle of the ice cream boats, I’ll race you to the shore with my fifty pence in hand!


About Author

Catherine (Cat) Truxillo

Director of Analytical Education, SAS

Catherine Truxillo, Ph.D. has written or co-written SAS training courses for advanced statistical methods, including: multivariate statistics, linear and generalized linear mixed models, multilevel models, structural equation models, imputation methods for missing data, statistical process control, design and analysis of experiments, and cluster analysis. She also teaches courses on leadership and communication in data science.


  1. I'm presenting on ODS Graphics on Thursday afternoon, but we could all be upstaged by a family of ducks, whose nest is in the pond in the middle of one of the buildings where the SAS Professionals Convention parties are staged. Each year the mother duck takes her ducklings out through reception, and one year it was during the convention! Also the convention themed parties are unforgettable, so this year I hope you like football (soccer?)!

  2. Thanks Catherine for the mention. :-)

    I'm currently in Sydney teaching a SAS Visual Analytics course reflecting on the first time we met when you were teaching Business Analytics in the room next door. I look forward in catching up with you, meeting SAS Professionals, talking about SAS Visual Analytics, SAS metadata and our Metacoda software. Drop by the Metacoda stand and say G'Day!

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