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SAS Business Intelligence for the Health Care IndustryHave you seen Lego sets for young children?  Not the ones with elaborate schematics and tiny complex pieces which require two engineers to put together.  I am talking about sets that come with windows and doors for houses; wheels and seats for cars; flowers, plants, and trees for gardens; animals for farms; and even people of diverse races and occupations.  These Lego pieces are perfectly designed for two-year-olds with limited fine motor skills and short attention spans.  Why, a child can build an entire city, not just once but again and again.

SAS Business Intelligence technology is a sack full of Lego pieces that can be put together without extensive programming knowledge.  My book, SAS Business Intelligence for the Health Care Industry: Practical Applications, provides health care analysts myriad recipes to build complex health care applications quickly and easily. 

Here are the top five applications from the book.

1.)  Does the backlog of ad-hoc requests prevent you from building effective applications or from conducting important statistical analyses?  My book teaches you how to convert your data mart into a powerful multi-purpose OLAP Cube.  Your customers can answer their own questions from the cube in Excel using SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office. 

2.)  Healthcare executives love comparative reports because it helps them figure out who is doing what better or worse.  I show you how to develop comparative reports in Web Report Studio.  Sourced from a single OLAP information map with prompted filters, these reports allows executives to generate comparisons at multiple levels. 

3.)  Physicians, nurses, and clinical staff want easy access to complete and up-to-date patient data.  You'll learn how to create linked reports in Web Report Studio so that patients and patient cohorts can be managed effectively. 

4.)  Healthcare executives want integrated information about their organization at their fingertips.  I demonstrate how to consolidate BI analytics in a single online space using SAS Dashboard and Information Delivery Portal. 

5.)  The healthcare industry bends over backwards to comply with HIPPA laws. I show you how to restrict access in information maps and OLAP Cubes so that your organization can adhere to HIPAA standards.

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Renu Gehring

Renu Gehring is a SAS instructor and consultant. She is the author of SAS Business Intelligence for the Health Care Industry: Practical Applications.

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