So you want to install the Platform for SAS Business Analytics?


So you want to install the SAS Intelligence Platform on a server, but you just don’t have the time to read the documentation about how to perform the install.  Or, maybe, you just do not feel comfortable jumping into the install on your own.

Let me give you a few ideas to get started.

Did you know that you can download multiple SAS orders into one SAS Depot?  Yes, you can.  When the additional order is downloaded only the files that are new or different from the existing order are downloaded.  This can be a significant savings in disk space.  Try it out now at your site!

One more tip! When you run the SAS Deployment Wizard make sure to use the record option to save all of your answers to the prompts in a response file.  This is a great way to keep a record of your responses in case you forget which values you used during the installation and configuration of your SAS Platform.  There are other uses of the response file… and that’s where I’ll recommend you take our new class: Installing and Configuring the SAS Intelligence Platform.

In the class we give an in-depth overview of the Intelligence Platform then walk you through each of the steps to install perform an install.  During the class we actually have each student perform an installation of SAS Intelligence Platform on their own client and server. Yes, I said it.  Each student actually gets to perform an installation!  We let the students pick to install on either a Windows Server or a Linux Server.

Of course once your software is installed you are not done.  You have to make sure everything installed correctly so we teach you how to do that too!  See, we even share some of our best practices of performing an extensive validation to confirm your entire SAS Intelligence Platform is ready to go.  Yes, we highly recommend that you do the same after you perform an installation back at your office, because after this class you will certainly be ready!

Check out the SAS Training site for this class and to find dates it is being taught, and we look forward to seeing you in class!  Let us know if you have any questions.


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Scott Vodicka

Technical Instructor in the Platform Administration group of the SAS Education Division. I have been a SAS employee for 16 years where I have been a pre-sales System Engineer and SAS Consultant prior to joining the Education Division.


  1. I have 2 questions related to Model Manager:
    I am using linux server, windows client.
    1. in SAS 9.3 I have put the sas-environment.xml on a web server and I can see it via web browser. It works fine with the windows client, but It does not work with java application (the ModelManagerJWS), even though I configured the right path to the environment file using the management console. I checked the java application that was downloaded and the environment variable is properly defined.
    2. Using sas 9.4 neither client nor java application work. For both I have the same sas-environment problem as mentioned above. Again, the sas-environment.xml can be accessed via web browser. In linux all the rights are set for rwx.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Jorge Ribeiro on

    I have done the installation of SAS ENT. Miner and SAS Model Manager in my windows 7 computer, but I did not succeed to finish as SAS says:

    The application cannot find the URL for the file that identifies the SAS environments.
    I contacted the SAS support and they say that it is my problem as I am to dummy to be able to understand the instruction from the SAS web page.

    44794 - "The application was unable to load the SAS environment definitions ." or ". cannot find the URL ." when logging on to SAS® Enterprise Miner(tm)

    50466 - "The application was unable to load the SAS environment definitions ." or "cannot find the URL ." when logging on to SAS® Enterprise Miner(tm)

    The instruction is not clear :

    Specify the value in the SASHOME/sassw.config file with the SASENVIRONMENTSURL parameter.
    For multi-machine installations, use:
    "" is the address for the middle-tier or web-tier machine and "port" is the port for your web application server.
    For single-machine installations, use:
    "My_host_name" is the fully qualified host name of your machine, and "port" is the default port for your web application server. The following is a list of default ports based on the web application server that you are using:
    JBoss – 8080
    WebLogic – 7001
    WebSphere - 9080

    At the end I cannot fix the problem alone.

    The instruction should give some examples.
    Jorge Ribeiro

    • Scott Vodicka on

      Hi Jorge,

      The issue you seem to be running into is related to SAS not being able to find the SAS environment file named sas-environment.XML, which defines a set of SAS deployments at your site. You need to configure your SAS environment to be able to locate this file. That value is needed in order to launch any of the clients that rely on that file, such as SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS® Forecast Studio, or SAS® Model Manager.

      There is a SAS Note that describes what you need to do. It is "Installation Note 44794: "The application was unable to load the SAS environment definitions ..." or "... cannot find the URL ..." when logging on to SAS® Enterprise Miner(tm)"

        • I have a problem similar to Jorge, In my case I am unable to run SAS Enterprise Miner Client 9.3 and the error message is the same "The application cannot find the URL for the file that identifies the SAS environments." I am not in a Company I am a single user. In the last link that you mention specify that I need

          But I have no idea how to write this in a right way.

          For example if my hostname is Alex21 and my port is 7101. It is suppose that I should write:


          I did that and it didn't work, it does not show me anything.

          Additionally I have a problem with SAS Enterprise Miner Workstation when I try to use the SAS Document Conversion tool, text mining. It shows an error message "The SAS Document Conversion server is not running on the specified host "localhost". I didn't find many help for that issue on the web.

          Can you help me with the SAS Document Conversion problem?

          I already contacted the SAS Technical Support but it did not help.


          • Hi Antonio,

            Please refer to the SAS 9.3 Intelligence Platform: Middle-Tie Administration Guide, page 309 for detailed information on the SAS Environment File. The first item to check is to make sure that the SAS Environment File exists in the proper location on your SAS Web Mid-Tier as listed on page 310.

            Did you follow the directions in the Instrctions.html file for validating your environment?

            Please try technical support again. This is a situation where you need to discuss your environment, how it was installed and configured so that they can instruct you where to look to make sure everything is configured correctly.



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