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It’s that time of year when we all reflect on our accomplishments and consider what our next great moves will be. Maybe you’ve been wondering how you could have a greater impact on the SAS user community, develop your SAS skills further, impress your boss, maybe even become famous in the process.

Here’s an opportunity for you—come grow with SAS Press!

Over the decades, we’ve worked with over 250 authors and a dozen publishers and have published and distributed hundreds of titles that have reached millions of SAS users worldwide. Feedback from readers has been tremendous. As a result, we’re expanding! We want to partner with you to reach even more users and provide broader support!

Here are 3 things you can do to help:

  • Write for your fellow SAS users! Whether it’s a full-length book or a shorter, chapter-length piece, we have the best ways to get you published and spread your word throughout the SAS user community worldwide. Examples, getting-started information, advanced techniques, concepts, case studies, and business topics are all great starting points for your book. Contact us about getting published.
  • Review for us! We are always looking for subject matter experts to review the ever-growing list of SAS Press books. Check out our reviewer list and let us know which books you’d like to review.
  • Recommend SAS users or subject matter experts you think would be great authors! Who is your go-to person for answering SAS questions? Who (besides you!) is doing really innovative things with SAS software? Do you have a professor who really explains concepts well and you’d want to learn from long after you’ve left the classroom? Are there business leaders you feel drawn to and want to learn from? These may be perfect candidates for our books. Email SAS Press (, and tell us who you most want to hear from!

Make your next great move and grow with SAS Press. Let us hear from you today!


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  1. Thanks Julie for your suggestions to grow with SAS Press! I have listed myself to request reviewing the Proc Tabulate by Example book. For the past two years, I have been applying Proc Tabulate to validate most all summary tables.

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