Installing SAS Add-in to Microsoft Office


Well, setting up a SAS Installation Depot is one thing, but how then do you get users to install the SAS Add-in to Microsoft Office. After attempting to point them to the directory … root folder\client9cd\msofficeint\setup.exe some of my users received error messages such as:

COM object with CLSID {C97B3405-B0CA-4B1A-9B90-C334554D81BC} is either not valid or not registered.
at SAS.Servers.ChangeRepositoryForm..ctor(ServerManager mgr, String serverMRUListPath, Boolean bConfigureServer, Boolean bHideDefaultServerCombo)
at SAS.Servers.ServerManager.ChangeRepositoryDialog(IWin32Window owner, Boolean bConfigure, Boolean bHideDefaultSASServer)
at SAS.Servers.ServerManager.ChangeRepositoryDialog(IWin32Window owner, Boolean bConfigure)
at SAS.OfficeAddin.OfficeAddinBase.DisplayChangeRepositoryDialog(IWin32Window owner)
at SAS.OfficeAddin.UIManager.ButtonClickHandler(CommandBarButton sender, Boolean& bHandled)

So it appeared obvious that the System Requirement Wizard was necessary. Well … it’s not. The word from SAS is that the following items are necessary: Microsoft .Net Framework , Microsoft Data Access Components.

These are automatically installed when the user goes through the SAS Software Navigator to load SAS Add-in to Microsoft Office. The other option is for the user to download these system requirements directly from Microsoft & then load the SAS Add-in to Microsoft Office. This was particularly useful for employees located remotely.


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