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A case of mistaken identity

I cannot blame SAS customers when they get confused about which SAS products do what. There are a lot of SAS products in play out there, and sometimes their given names don't help the cause. Take SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Enterprise Miner, for example. These are two very different

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Do me a favor: stop doing me favors

A customer posted on the discussion forum that, much his dismay, SAS Enterprise Guide sets the NOFMTERR option automatically when connecting to a SAS session. The FMTERR|NOFMTERR option specifies whether SAS should report an error when you attempt to reference a data column that has a SAS format applied, but

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What's your style?

When you create SAS Enterprise Guide projects, what's your approach? Do you cram the process flow with thousands of nodes? Do you create different projects for each work task? Do you like one big SAS program? Or a bunch of little programs all linked together? That's the question that Michael

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Yeah! What he said!

SAS programmers can often be (um...let's see...how best to put this...) set in their ways -- at least when it comes to their SAS work. This is due in part to the nature of SAS. The SAS program that you wrote 20 years ago in Version 5 probably still works

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"Manly yes, but I like it too..."

AnnMaria's blog describing her acceptance of SAS Enterprise Guide, despite the shortcomings she's found, reminded me of this Irish Spring commercial. I'd like to take the time to craft a more thoughtful response to her post, but that will have to wait for a less-hectic day. In the meantime, I

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