SAS Enterprise Guide: for all of the hats that you wear, you're covered


Even though it's been around for well over a decade, SAS Enterprise Guide was still a hot topic among attendees at SAS Global Forum this year.

In the Technology Connection -- the big session on Monday morning -- SAS R&D staff used the conference agenda content to demonstrate the power of SAS Text Miner. By categorizing the papers for this year and comparing to previous years, you can see the continued growing interest in several key topics, including SAS Enterprise Guide.

I captured this (grainy) screenshot from the Livestream archive of the Technology Connection. Enterprise Guide papers are represented by the yellow bar in this screen shot from SAS Visual Analytics, showing 4 years of conference data:

I presented one of those papers: For All the Hats You Wear: SAS Enterprise Guide Has Got You Covered. In the presentation (which you can watch on SAS Global Forum Take-out), I describe several types of users who accomplish work in SAS Enterprise Guide, including:

  • The Newbie
  • The Business Analyst
  • The Programmer
  • The Statistician
  • The Data Scientist
  • The Administrator
  • The Consultant

I've done my share of blogging and presenting about SAS Enterprise Guide over the years, but with over 80 papers or posters that addressed it at this year's conference, it's obvious that others are also keen to share their experiences. That's great, because I have an obvious bias when I describe SAS Enterprise Guide as an essential tool for SAS users; you no longer have to simply take my word for it.

I've also seen others sharing on their own blogs. For example, here's a series from the blog:

And another series from OptimalBI in New Zealand:

I'm happy to see that the SAS user community now creates, sustains, and propagates some really excellent information on these topics. Keep up the great work!


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