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With the London 2012 Olympics around the corner, there are sure to be reports or rumors of performance-enhancing drug use among some athletes. It turns out that using manufactured chemicals to give yourself an edge is frowned upon in the athletic community.

However, as a SAS user you should avail yourself of any technique that provides a performance advantage, and often this comes in the form of tweaking SAS system options and optimizing the file I/O on your operating system.

These two SAS notes offer specific guidance for the best throughput and speed. These recommendations are backed by solid research from SAS tech support and R&D:

Special hat-tip to my colleague Margaret Crevar (from the SAS R&D Performance Lab) for bringing these notes to my attention. View her recent SAS Talks webinar for more performance best practices.


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  1. Any additional information on setting these to higher values where the platform supports it?

    For example my MEMSIZE was 2GB.

  2. Chris,
    We are about to install SAS9.4 Foundation on a Windows 2008 Server Enterprise R2 in a virtual environment. The servers only have 16GB of memory with 2 cores and they are used VERY heavily. What perfomance settings, like memsize, sortsize, etc... etc... do you recommend?

    Also, is there any documentation on these perfomance settings for 9.4 anywhere?


    • Chris Hemedinger
      Chris Hemedinger on

      Marc, I don't have any other specific recommendations other than what the SAS notes already provide. I don't know that these recommendations have changed for SAS 9.4. Since I/O is most likely the biggest constraint, you might run some tests with SASIOTEST.EXE (in your SAS installation folder) to see how your system performs. Run it from a command prompt to see the options available. SAS Technical Support can provide guidance if needed.

      I think that the recommended system for SAS 9.4 on Windows Server is a minimum of 4 cores. It can probably work okay with 2, but you might need to tune a bit. Like any system, the performance will depend on how many users and what they are doing.

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