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The next time you write a DATA step, try to express it in iambic pentameter.  Or instead of a SAS macro function, how about a SAS macro sonnet?  (Or, for the more base among you, a limerick?)

That's the spirit behind the code {poems} project.  You write a poem in the programming language of your choice. The only requirement is that it must not be greater than half-a-kilobyte (no Hiawathas) and it must compile.

A programming language has syntax and semantics, and therefore can be as expressive as any spoken language.  Right? Right! Unless it's LISP or assembly language (though I'll bet a few of you are up for that challenge).

The SAS language has more syntax and semantics than most programming language, so as a poetic medium it provides much more to work with. It's just one more way that you can take poetic license with SAS.

Here, I'll kick it off with a less-than-original rendition of a familiar ditty:

%let it=be;
%let it=be;
%let it=be;
%let it=be;
data Words_Of_Wisdom;
  let = be;
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  1. As my wife and I are not newlyweds, I'm sure she would say something to the effect of: "Your words of wisdom are missing, so my swoon remains uninitialized."

    • Chris Hemedinger
      Chris Hemedinger on

      Alas, that would probably result in "No output generated". This is why I do not write an agony column (or maybe I do, by some interpretation).

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