SAS-L: 25 years old and still spry


The popular mailing list for the SAS user community hits a milestone this weekend by turning 25. 25 is often referred to as the "silver anniversary", but for a quarter century SAS users have found gold among the messages in this list, which feature everything from questions and answers about SAS software, information about SAS the company, SAS user events, career advice, humor and more.

SAS-L was a pioneer in grass-roots support for a widely used software package. Today, it's joined by, SAS discussion forums, blogs, LinkedIn groups, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Have a question about SAS? Do not beat your head against the wall. There is no need to wallow in ignorance: SAS experts around the world stand ready to help.


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Chris Hemedinger

Senior Manager, SAS Online Communities

+Chris Hemedinger is the manager of SAS Online Communities. Since 1993, Chris has worked for SAS as an author, a software developer, an R&D manager and a consultant. Inexplicably, Chris is still coasting on the limited fame he earned as an author of SAS For Dummies.  He also hosts the SAS Tech Talk webcasts each year from SAS Global Forum, connecting viewers with smart people from SAS R&D and the impressive work that they do.


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