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I'm currently enjoying the Australian "winter" as I travel around the region talking to SAS customers for the SAS Insight Series.  It just so happens that I was in Perth, Western Australia for Australia's Census Night.   Because I was in the country on this special day, I was compelled to complete a census form.    I found my form in my hotel room in Perth (perhaps left there personally by the Australian Statistician), and I was expected to turn it back to hotel reception, completed.

Census form from AustraliaI was happy to complete the form and thus become a statistic in Australia's permanent census records.  In addition to being sort of a geeky story to share at home, it gave me something to talk about when I met with the Australian Bureau of Statistics.   Like most of the national stats organizations, the ABS is a big SAS shop.   They are also a large beneficiary of the census process, which happens once every 5 years here in Australia.


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  1. You're in Australia & I'm on the Turtle Mountain reservation. If it was winter here I'd hate you but it's actually very beautiful in the summer. Australia still sounds cool.

    • Chris Hemedinger
      Chris Hemedinger on

      North Dakota sounds like a fine place to spend the US summer weeks. When my trip is over, I might need to calculate just what I missed in terms of "degree days".

  2. Evan Stubbs

    Just think - on the off chance your great-great-great ancestors decide to lodge a freedom of information request to find out who you were, they'll be able to get all your responses verbatim! Assuming you ticked that box at the end, that is ...

    • Chris Hemedinger
      Chris Hemedinger on

      I did tick the box, so my descendants and the public at-large will have free and unfettered access to my data in 99 years. I expect they will analyze it using SAS Version 43.5, via SAS Enterprise Guide version 28.2. Probably using PROC MAGICANSWER.

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