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AnnMaria wrote her latest blog post, "SAS Enterprise Guide makes you smarter", partly in response to my recent post about whether it's making you stupider.

From the contents of her program example, I'm guessing that she's preparing for WUSS in November. I don't get to attend this year, but my colleague Chevell Parker will be there, along with lots of other smart SAS staff members and smart SAS users.

If you're a West coast resident, try to make it to San Diego for the event. You'll be smarter for having been there.


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  1. I will also be at WUSS with some of my statistical colleagues. I'm slated to give a two-hour workshop on SAS/IML Studio, a paper on modern statistical analysis using IML, and a super demo on the SAS Interface to R, which is available via SAS/IML Studio.

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