Who let the Devs out?


Look out, SAS and software nerds: there are more techy blogs headed your way via blogs.sas.com.

Beginning this week, I've been joined by two of my fellow SAS R&D staffers:

  • Rick Wicklin presents The DO Loop, which focuses on SAS/IML and other subjects of interest to statistical programmers, and SAS programmers in general.
  • David Biesack hosts Peer Revue, his inside look at the processes by which SAS creates world-class software.

I've known both of these guys for many years. Dave's been here at SAS for a long time and contributed to many products, all the way back to SAS/CALC. But the contributions he's most famous for (inside these walls, at least) are around standards and processes for building better software, and collaboration.

Rick is a fellow SAS Press author and gifted stage performer for the SAS show choir (VocalMotion -- I was in it for a time as well). He'll put on a great analytical song-and-dance routine for you statisticians out there, I'm sure.

Welcome, Rick and David!

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