My Out of Office reply for 12June-20June


If you send me an e-mail message next week, this is what you can expect in return.

Thanks for your e-mail. I'm attending the SAS Professionals Convention in Marlow, UK.

That's right, I'm in Merry Old England, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Ginger Spice, and Doctor Who.  But I don't expect meet any of them at the SAS Professionals Convention; instead, I'm privileged to meet with elite SAS users who want to learn to get the most value from their SAS investment. In return, I expect I'll learn something from them; I always do.

You can learn more about the event here:

While I'm there, I'll try to post some updates on my blog:

Have a great week, and I'll respond to you on the road if I can, or when I return (Monday, 21June).


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  1. Meera Venkataramani on

    What a cool place to be - a page out of storybook England !
    Chris - I will be eager to know what you find out from our SAS customers - their experiences, what they like, what they need etc etc. Good Luck on your presentation!

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