Let's call the whole thing off


What do you do when you and your spouse are both SAS users, but one of you likes to point-and-click and the other really likes to write SAS programs? Is it possible to share a SAS environment, or are these irreconcilable differences that can lead only to a nasty custody battle over the data sets you've produced together?

It doesn't have to end badly. Mark Stevens shares a poignant anecdote on the SAS Training Post.

At SAS, we can JOIN much more than tables. In the words of an anonymous SAS poet:

data Marriage (Keep=Wife Happy);
  merge programmer non_programmer;


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  1. Mark Stevens on

    Ah, the geeky goodness of a code joke, I love it. And thanks for the trackback, Chris.

  2. Credit to Elizabeth C. for finishing out the programmer poem with the essential MERGE.

  3. Howard Lethbridge on

    Try adding

    BY hook_or_by_crook;

    else you might get premature termination.

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