Crayon guide to DATA step merges (and other links)


I'm using this post to share links to several SAS-related blogs created by others. This is me acting generous by sharing -- it's not me acting lazy by shirking an original post. Really.

Datum Reparo!
AnnMaria waves her SAS Enterprise Guide magic wand, utters a few (magic?) words, and makes her data problems disappear.

Plays well with others, and writes good DATA step
Stephen Philip puts his daughter to work creating the illustrated guide to the DATA step.

Put option values in their proper place
Andy describes how to use the APPEND and INSERT options; heads and tails above the rest. (Just a bit of linked-list humor there...)

Top 10 reasons to use SAS Enterprise Guide
No, I didn't write this list; it came from Susan Slaughter of Little SAS Book fame.

Hear me, Hear me (and others)
An audio podcast about SAS For Dummies and other topics, captured at SAS Global Forum 2010. Access additional interviews from the conference from


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