Expecting to be Sleepless in Seattle


I'll leave North Carolina early on Sunday morning to head to the SAS Global Forum venue in Seattle. Through the magic of time zones, I'll be in Seattle, WA before lunchtime.

I don't expect my internal clock to adjust to Pacific time right away, so I'll be awake early on Monday and Tuesday. And up late too, I'll bet.

You should see my calendar for the conference week. In addition to my official duties -- which include a paper presentation, two Super Demos, customer meetings, and SAS Press events -- I have marked at least a dozen technical papers that I would really love to attend.

I won't get to all of the papers. I know that already, because I've done this before. I will get to spend plenty of time talking one-on-one with SAS customers, and that's probably the biggest benefit that I get from attending the conference.

If you're in Seattle for SGF10 next week, stop by and say Hello. You'll most likely find me tethered to the SAS Enterprise Guide booth in Demo Alley.

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