Fun and fashion at SAS Global Forum 2010


This year the SAS Global Forum group is sponsoring a t-shirt design contest to create the official garb of SAS Global Forum 2010. It sounds like a fun activity, but as a SAS employee I'm not eligible to participate (or more importantly, to win).

Still, I can't resist an attempt. If you like it, feel free to steal it and pass it off as your own. Or how about this? See if you can do better!

My *awesome* shirt design. Watch out, Aeropostale.

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Chris Hemedinger

Director, SAS User Engagement

+Chris Hemedinger is the Director of SAS User Engagement, which includes our SAS Communities and SAS User Groups. Since 1993, Chris has worked for SAS as an author, a software developer, an R&D manager and a consultant. Inexplicably, Chris is still coasting on the limited fame he earned as an author of SAS For Dummies


  1. waynette tubbs on

    This would become my favorite t-shirt of all time. I'm sorry that I can't steal the design and win! Now I'm going to have to think of a design to post, too. Great job.

  2. Elizabeth Ceranowski on

    Love it! You should put this on cafe press... I would totally buy it and rock it at the airport!

  3. Frank Leistner on

    Great one, Chris... Before printing a lot of T-Shirts from it, I would take the 2010 off the first data set name, that way you can wear it the next 20 years - as I am sure not only GlobalForum 2010 will be fun, but the ones in the future as well...

  4. Trevor Kearney on

    I like this very much.

    I know I quibble, but...
    *Results exceed expectations* should be a *WARNING:*, not a *NOTE:*.

    I'd rather see this as a WARNING: on my teeshirt because it has more impact.

    Should *expectations* be set higher? Should its default be changed? I say Yes, as I've never encountered any SAS Global Forum attendee who was anything other than really pleased by what they learnt and the fun they had.

  5. I wanted to submit one too. Simple black t-shirt with white or pink type in COURIER font that says simply

    PROC love

  6. Christine Nguyen on

    LOVE IT! And on the back of the t-shirt, there will be a picture of ME w/ my name Awesome next to it...hahaha.

  7. Trevor Kearney on

    In order to fend off those who suspect a syntax error, you might like to change
    result = Learning + Fun; to
    Results = Learning + Fun;
    because the NOTE: (or I prefer WARNING:) message refers to Results, not result, that exceeds expectations!

  8. It wouldn't be an effective t-shirt for SAS users if we couldn't find some way to improve upon it!

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