Judging a report by its title


The SAS output delivery system (ODS) makes it so easy to create great-looking output that many folks forget that you can make it even better.

One step that folks often leave out: applying a custom title for HTML output. I'm not talking about the title text that you see as a result of the TITLE statement. Instead, I'm talking about the title that appears in your web browser window, showing the content of the <TITLE> tag that lives inside your HTML.

By default, the title that SAS generates is "SAS Output". Do people really forget to change this? Yes, and you can scour the internet for examples by using this search string in Google:

allintitle: "SAS Output"

This search finds web pages that have the exact phase "SAS Output" in the <TITLE> tag. It's a great way to see what other folks are creating with SAS, but it's probably not what they intended.

To create a custom title for your HTML output, use the (TITLE='title-text') suboption when specifying the output file. For example:

ods html 
     (title="My report deserves a great title")
/** your report program here **/
ods html close;

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