SAS and social media: an awesome mashup


SAS recently appointed a Social Media Manager for the company. Check out Dave Thomas' recent interview here.

The interview question that must have been edited out: "So, why did you decide to leave Wendy's?" Just like SAS ("what's a shoe company got to do with business analytics?"), I imagine that Dave often has to correct folks about which Dave Thomas he is. That makes him even more qualified for the job -- he has lots of experience distinguishing himself, so now he can help distinguish SAS in the social media space.

In his interview at Networlding, Dave (okay, David B. Thomas) refers to a growing number of SAS employees who are reaching out to SAS customers via social media. He didn't mention me by name (thanks a lot), but I think that I'm one of them. Recently I've been using Twitter (go ahead, follow me) to connect with some folks who care enough to tweet about SAS software (though most "SAS" tweets are about Scandinavian air travel or disk drives).

There is another opportunity to mix SAS with social media: you can use SAS software to apply analytics to social media content. I posted an example a couple of months ago. If you're using SAS to leverage Web 2.0 content, I'd love to hear about it. Post a comment!

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