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Now that we have support for Vista in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1, this question has bubbled up to the most frequently asked:

"Can I use SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1 with my new SAS 9.2?"

The answer is Yes. You can use SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1 with SAS 9.2 for Windows, when SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS 9.2 are installed on the same machine.

Here is what you cannot do:

  • You cannot use SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1 to connect to SAS 9.2 running on another platform or remote machine.
  • You will not be able to use SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1 to connect to SAS 9.2-based SAS Metadata Server (not yet released).

Also, the SAS Enterprise Guide tasks do not generate code to take advantage of new SAS 9.2 features (such as ODS Statistical Graphics), but you can certainly use those features within your SAS programs that you submit from within SAS Enterprise Guide.

Sometimes I get this follow-up question:

"Will I be able to use SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 with my SAS 9.1/8.2 installations?"

The answer to that one is No. SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 (release scheduled for late this year) supports only SAS 9.2 and later. Why? In short, because it does take advantage of (and relies upon) many of the important new features in SAS 9.2.


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  1. I am trying to do a server test using SAS Enterprise Guide version 4. it shows that the server test is successful but as I click on Finish, it shows an error 'The server could not be created?'.

    I am not able to understand why this error is occuring. This is happening on 2 machines only whereas on the other 2 machines, it is working fine.

    Please help me in resolving this issue.

  2. Hi Sweeta,

    Your best bet is to contact SAS technical support with this issue and provide the details. Some questions you should answer:

    - are you using the SAS Metadata Server or the Enterprise Guide repository?
    - do you have the appropriate permissions to create a new server definition? If using the SAS Metadata Server, are you connected using an account with the correct permissions to create this metadata?


  3. Hi,
    We have our SAS setup ( all SAS servers like workspace server,metedata server and stored process server) configured on AIX server. recently we decided to use SAS EG instead of Hummingbird Exceed emulator to execute the SAS code. Could you please explain how can I access SAS on AIX server ?


  4. NOTE: Some of your options or statements may not be supported with the Activex or Java series of
    devices. Graph defaults for these drivers may be different from other SAS/GRAPH device
    drivers. For further information, please contact Technical Support.

  5. I would like to know if SAS has release any upgradation kit or document from SAS 9.1.3 to SAS 9.2 BI suite.

    please help me if there is any reference material for upgrade.

  6. It is not explicitly listed above, but will EG 4.1 connect to a 9.1.3 based metadata server, when it is installed on a desktop that only has sas 9.2 (and of course the EG 4.1)?


  7. Fabian,

    Yes, EG 4.1 will continue to connect to remote SAS 9.1.3 environments, even when SAS 9.2 is installed on the local system.


  8. Hi!, My problem is the following:
    I have a different process flow in the same project in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1. In each process flow I generate a html document but this document uses utf-8 html encoding and I need ISO 8859-1 encoding. How can I change this html encoding?


  9. Esther, you can use your own ODS statements in SAS programs to control the encoding of HTML output.

    But if you are using the Document Builder to assemble different pieces of HTML output into a single document, then I think you are correct -- it's always utf-8 encoded. I cannot think of a workaround for this right now.


  10. Hi Chris,

    I would like to know step by step to publish SAS OLAP cube as WebService.

    Please send me the link or document for this.


  11. Thanks Chris. This is good to know.
    In a related question, can we have SAS 9.1.3 on our Z/OS mainframe, and have EG 4.2 on our users' local PCs that run SAS 9.2 on our Windows 2003 server? The EG users do not go after mainframe data.
    We now have 8.2 on the mainframe and on the server, but IF........
    We use CONNECT to send files to the server and the mainframe batch jobs (9.1.3) execute SAS programs on the server (9.2 theoretically), will that work ?

  12. Jerry,

    I think the answer is: Theoretically, yes.

    If you have SAS programs that you develop using SAS 9.2 on the PC, and then use SAS/CONNECT or batch to run them on a SAS 9.1.3 server, the programs should work as long as you steer away from the SAS 9.2-specific features.

    SAS Tech Support would probably be a great resource for answering your specific questions.


  13. Hi,

    We used to have 9.1 PC SAS, 9.1.3 SAS BI server (on AIX) and SAS EG4.1. recently I update my PC SAS from 9.1 to 9.2 (the SAS EG version is updated to Now I am not able to connect to SAS BI server. after reading your pose and sas document, it should work as before. have no idea what make it happen.



  14. Chris, you should work with SAS Technical Support on this.

    I'm guessing that you might have a mismatch of some SAS Integration Technologies client files on your local machine (some 9.1, some 9.2). You might need to reinstall the inttechc bundle from your SAS 9.2 media.


  15. This is only tangetially related to the connection topica at hand, but...

    We are running SAS 9.1 on a UNIX server using EG 4.1. I want to access a file not on the server, the excel file is located on a shared drive which server SAS can not seem to access directly. We do not have PC SAS, otherwise I'd have this thing nailed; however, SAS EG can access these types of files through the point and click GUI interface. I pulled the code used behind the procedure but the portion where the raw data file is accessed and converted is not made visible. You just get the following comment in the code itself:

    /* Enterprise Guide creates this temporary asterisk delimited text file from the original data source */

    I thank anyone for taking the time to look at this, I am stumped at this point...

  16. David,

    This would be a great question to post to the Discussion Forum for SAS Enterprise Guide:

    But here is an answer:
    In EG 4.2, the Import Data task provides the option for including all of the data records as DATALINES instead of as an external file that is transient in your SAS session. Unfortunately, there isn't a similar option for the 4.1 version.


  17. Paresh Patel on

    I am testing creating prompts on SAS Stored Processes in EG 4.2 on SAS 9.2 on Windows. I am creating prompts with multiple values, but only the first value passed is being resolved. There are no ERRORs or WARNINGs, I just don't get obs passed back for the second or greater values. The very same prompt works correctly on Info Maps filters (the prompt is a shared prompt available through the metadata). I have to believe that this is a bug in EG 4,2, as there is no IN operator for selection, and I know this functionality was available in EG 4.1.

    Have you run into this issue?

  18. Paresh,

    Prompts in SAS 9.2 and EG 4.2 are different than previous releases, especially with IN operators.

    You might be able to work around this with code like the following. Suppose your prompt is named Country, and you've supplied a list of countries to include within the prompt selection. Instead of referencing &Country in your code, you would need to use:

    %_eg_WhereParam( COUNTRY, Country, IN, TYPE=N )

    This macro function is supplied by EG 4.2 and should resolve to the proper construct for your program.


  19. Chris Dillon on

    Hi Chris

    I have successfully use %_eg_WhereParam in the way you describe above, and it certainly beats the way that I used to have to resolve multi-value prompts by writing a lot of macro code.

    however I was wondering if there is any documentation around for the %_eg_WhereParam macro function... I'm particularly interested in the arguments, and possible values of these.



  20. For importing data in SAS EG 4.2 i have a problem, in EG 4.1 i am able to import the Mainframe data correctly n process in EG 4.1 (for alphanumeric mainframe declaration able to declare as $EBCDIC in SAS, and for comp-3 Mainframe field as S370fpdn in SAS EG 4.1) but i am not able to see those options in EG 4.2, can anyone let me know those options please.

  21. Hi, I recommend that you work with SAS Technical Support on this issue. They can help capture the steps and provide a workaround or solution.


  22. My system have PC sas and EG sas.

    How can I set pc sas as the default when I double click a sas file?


  23. Chris Hemedinger on

    There is a tool for this:

    Start->Programs->SAS->SAS 9.2 License Renewal & Utilities->Manage SAS File Types

  24. I have a question regarding date prompts in SAS EG 4.2.
    This version of EG provides to define macro variables in the prompt manager instead of through explicit coding. When defining date and datetime vaiables an error log is generated. I have tryied every modification I can think of, but nothing seems to work. Can anyone provide some insight?


  25. Yes, you can -- the 32-bit version of SAS 9.2. There is a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version, so you need to make sure you have the correct version in your software order.

  26. Thanks a lot for your reply. That means that I will not have to downgrade the pre-installed Win7 on my laptop to WinXP in order to install SAS 9.2. By SAS 9.2, do you mean SAS Enterprise or SAS Base/Foundations? Actually, I have been using only SAS Base/Foundations 9.1.3 in my studies. I have seen some PCs in my university installed with SAS, but all of them have SAS Enterprise, which I never have used before. Does SAS 9.2 still provide something similar to SAS Base 9.1.3?

    Thanks a lot!

  27. I think you mean "SAS Enterprise Guide". Yes, you can still use SAS Base (Foundation, Display Manager) in SAS 9.2.

  28. Is it possible to run SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1 and SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 on the same PC?

    I have installed both of them alone on a PC and they will function as needed. If I try to put them on the same PC, Enterprise Guide 4.1 fails to launch and Enterprise Guide 4.3 fails to connect to the Metadata server with an error that our SAS support interprets as a .NET error.

  29. Yes, you can run both 4.1 and 4.3 on the same machine. But you should install 4.1 first, then 4.3. The errors you see might be a result of (re)installing 4.1 or some part of it after 4.3 was already installed. I suggest re-installing 4.3, and working with SAS Technical Support if you continue to have problems with it.

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