fuente de la juventud (font of youth)


My new favorite typeface for programming is Consolas, a font designed for use with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. I use it there, but I now also use it for SAS programming.
SAS program with Consolas font

It uses ClearType technology, so the "crisp and clean" benefits kick in only when you have ClearType smoothing enabled. It makes my eyes feel younger. The font is usable on Windows XP and Vista, where ClearType is available.

(Side note: "consolas" is Spanish for "consoles". My programs have taken on a more latin flavor already.)


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  1. David J. Biesack on

    No consolation for Consolas. One cannot install this font (from the download/install link from the Consolas page you cited) without having Visual Studio 2005 installed. I just tried; no luck.

  2. Chris Hemedinger on

    Lo siento. I'm sorry for the tease. However, there might be hope. You can install one of the Microsoft Visual Studio Express products, a free download from Microsoft, and that might be enough to put you in the clear (text). I installed Microsoft Visual Studio Express for C# on a laptop without Visual Studio 2005, and after that, Consolas installed for me.

  3. David J. Biesack on

    Also, a recent install of the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 upgrade brought Consolas along for the ride, so I have it now.

  4. You may also like a font called ProFont which is the programmers font. It works on many platforms and kicks butt for programming especially when screen real estate is small because you can lower the font size incredibly but it remains readable.

    Check out this link: http://www.tobias-jung.de/seekingprofont/

  5. Of course, the BIG question is - "How do I change the font that SAS uses to display my code?"

  6. Chris Hemedinger on

    In SAS for Windows, select Tools->Options->Enhanced Editor to get to the appearance options for the code editor.

    In SAS Enterprise Guide, select Tools->Options, SAS Programs, then click the Editor Options button. That gets you to the same appearance options window.

    Editor options are global to your machine, so if you change them in SAS Enterprise Guide that will also change them in SAS for Windows.

  7. How do I get a new font to appear in the Fonts list on the Tools > Options > Enhanced Editor?

    • Chris Hemedinger
      Chris Hemedinger on

      Mike, if a font is installed on your system (for example, you see it available in other applications such as MS Word), it *should* be available in EG as well.

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