Mari Nilsson Björkman
Senior Advisor

With almost 20 years’ experience in the Telecom space from many different perspectives, I am still intrigued by the fast change this segment is constantly undergoing. Everything that can gain from being connected will be - affecting us all both professional and privately. Right now I am amazed by how applying Analytics on the Data created brings so much value, insights and support in this huge digital transformation we are all participating in. Seeing proof of this almost every day I strongly believe in #analytics4good!

Analytics | Customer Intelligence | Data Visualization
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Trends in Telecom: The wind of change is still blowing hard on the Telecom Operators

The traditional business of a Telecom Operator used to be an extremely profitable one with steady growth rates. But now it has been exposed to a wind of change for some time and looking at the graphics below of predictions for services (based on data from STL Partners analysis) taken from