Laurent Colombant

Laurent has been helping customers tackle financial crime using NLP, ML and analytics since the year 2000. After focusing on sanctions screening, anti-money laundering, payment fraud and terrorist cell financing he is now working to address Continuous Compliance monitoring for SAS customers. This includes P2P, T&E, Know Your Supplier and Insider fraud modus operandi. He’s the NEMEA pre-sale lead for the solution and believes it’s the next to hottest fraud detection solution in the market.

Fraud & Security Intelligence
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Could your company be a victim of procurement fraud? (It’s more likely than you think)

A few years ago, PwC announced that procurement fraud was the second-most commonly reported economic crime worldwide. It’s a broad term, covering everything from bid rigging and supplier collusion to duplicate invoicing and expenses fraud. In a nutshell, though, it’s what happens when your employees or supplier network fiddle the