Dwijendra Dwivedi
Director, Pre-Sales Support

Dwijendra Dwivedi is a leading AI and IoT data science team for EMEA + AP at SAS. He is AI evangelist and Business Analytics subject matter expert. As a thought leader, he is bridging the gap between business needs and analytical enablers to drive successful business strategies. With over 19 years of experience in applying AI & analytics across different industries, he conducts business analytics seminars and workshops for the executive audience and also for power users. He has published more than 17 AI research papers in leading Journals and Books.

Advanced Analytics | Analytics | Artificial Intelligence
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7 common pitfalls to avoid when creating business value from AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is causing a digital transformation that is changing businesses’ operations. It is likely to bring a sea change compared to the Industrial Revolution. Many challenges with AI are technical, but most failures occur because of poor strategy and execution. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take