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Data lessons from Pizza Hut

Thought leaders and pundits like me espouse the virtues of big data. Although you'll get no argument from me on the potential benefits of this essential trend, it's important to remember that there is still tremendous value from using basic customer information. Driving home from a networking event on the

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Better memory through data

We all lose things. Some of us are just better at finding them than others. I had to remind myself of that fact the other night in Las Vegas. I went to dinner with a friend at Brio, an Italian restaurant in the Town Square shopping center on The Strip. As

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Big data and big money

Early in my career, I spent a great deal of time looking at and analyzing employee compensation data. Among my early discoveries: even the secretaries in Hawaii make a great deal of money. (The cost of living is quite high there, I'm told.) While I've since moved on to other