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Data Management
Jim Harris 2
Pushing data quality beyond boundaries

Throughout my long career of building and implementing data quality processes, I've consistently been told that data quality could not be implemented within data sources, because doing so would disrupt production systems. Therefore, source data was often copied to a central location – a staging area – where it was cleansed, transformed, unduplicated, restructured

Data Management
Faramarz Abedini 0
Big data, big governance

Traditional data governance is all about establishing a boundary around a specific data domain. This translates to establishing authority to define key business terms within that domain; establishing business-driven decision making processes for changing the business terminology and the rules that apply to them; defining content standards (e.g., metadata and

Data Management
Jim Harris 0
Analyzing the data lake

In my previous post I used junk drawers as an example of the downside of including more data in our analytics just in case it helps us discover more insights only to end up with more flotsam than findings. In this post I want to float some thoughts about a two-word concept

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