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Alignment enables analytic success

Analytics Infrastructure: Vision & Strategy Consideration #1 (Part 1 of 15 considerations for Analytics Infrastructure) In a perfect world, the entire organization would be aligned, and the analytics vision would be driven by top down, executive leadership. Since we aren’t living in a perfect world, it often takes work to

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Analytics Infrastructure: 15 Considerations

I recently presented with Jessica Dunn from Bank of America at the SAS Global Forum Executive Conference. Our presentation addressed the considerations necessary to build and manage an effective analytics infrastructure. Although we both worked on our presentations separately before we had a chance to discuss teh session, we built

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Hadoop's Potential to Rewrite Data Management

Well, it's certainly a provocative title, and hopefully it will be a thought provoking conversation. I am participating in a panel discussion along with Philip Russom of TDWI, David Menninger of EMC, and James Markarian of Informatica. The discussion will be hosted by DM Radio hosts Eric Kavanagh and Jim Ericson. The interview occurs

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Big data quality: Think outside the box

In my last post I set the stage for data quality considerations for big data. Today, I’ll cover the following big data and data quality considerations: Data quality efforts should be "fit for purpose" Extend data quality by thinking “outside the box” Data quality efforts should be "fit for purpose"

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SAS Hadoop - A peek at the technology

Thanks for returning to learn more about this critical technology. Following yesterday’s overview post on the new SAS Hadoop support, we’ll dig a little deeper today and consider the following: Under the Hood: A Peek at the Technology SAS Hadoop Value Summary A Note About the Future Under the Hood:

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SAS: Big play for Hadoop

Hadoop – it’s not just hype! The community has shown tremendous interest in our plans for Hadoop – what will be supported, when it will be available, and so on. We’ve been blogging about big data and provided early plans for Hadoop, including SAS/ACCESS support for Hadoop. Well, it's official:

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Privacy bargain and big data security

I recently presented a session on big data at the 13th Annual Privacy and Security hosted by the Province of British Columbia and held in Victoria. There were a number of interesting discussions and presentations that relate to privacy and security ramifications of big data. The discussion was timely given

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Introducing SAS Information Management

Several of my recent posts have introduced the need for leveraging a strategic approach to information management backed by industry luminaries such as Gartner. Now it’s time to take a look at our definition of Information Management and discuss how it can be used by IT to effectively manage their

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