3 lessons marketers can learn from the World Series


Hello, everyone! I’m excited to be part of this great blog and share a few of my ideas. A little about me – I’m a marketer at heart, passionate about strategy, creativity, branding and analytics. I love discovering marketing lessons by examining things around me. At SAS, I’m a marketing manager responsible for several exciting industries – retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, media and entertainment, sports marketing, energy and SMB. I’m lucky to work with a great team!

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my awesome family, watching sports with my sons and coaching their various recreation league teams, attending my daughter’s dance recitals (all three hours of them), eating dessert, running (so I can burn the calories from said desserts), and laughing.

Recently, I found some valuable marketing lessons watching our most recent World Series. It ended rather quickly, with the San Francisco Giants defeating the Detroit Tigers in just four games, but not before it could provide some interesting lessons for marketers. I captured my views in an article published by MarketingProfs, titled Three Valuable Lessons Marketers Can Learn from the World Series, and here's a little preview:

  • Build a heat map of your marketing campaigns to analyze where you're hot and where you're not. Focus on the hot!
  • Don't be predictable. Mix up your campaigns to stay fresh and interesting.
  • Use historical campaign data along with your gut instinct to make decisions. You'll have a lot less indigestion when you use data to back your gut.

Read the article at MarketingProfs for the full details, and hopefully you'll gain some ideas that may help change the way you approach marketing in your organization.

In the meantime, I'll continue looking for insights and key learnings that I can share with real-world examples – including some not-so-obvious ones – of how marketers are making an impact on their customers and how we can do it better!  Thank you for following!


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