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Today we are launching Bright Data, a new blogging platform for the Central East Europe region of SAS. The aim of this initiative is to undertake proactive and dynamic conversation with that part of the blogosphere that loves to explore topics that SAS deals with on a daily basis such as Analytics, Customer Intelligence, Risk, Data Management in order to discuss and understand their benefits.

When I began to work for SAS, Analytics was considered a niche; nowadays instead, knowledge of it is more widespread and there has been a technological leap that has allowed access to platforms and solutions, also for those companies and organizations that in the past did not even need to adopt these solutions. Globalization, digitization of information and mobility have created the need to move in this direction in today’s world.

The boost to innovation is something that all successful companies have in common, no matter how big they are.  And to be a successful company, it is crucial to involve people in the project at hand: none of us is able to trigger the process of transformation of an entire enterprise on their own. And no-one, in this time of speedy evolution, can think to possess all the skills necessary to be the only element of the evolution.

This blog is a window to SAS. Ongoing debate with the blogosphere represents for companies and organizations nowadays an opportunity as well as a moment to interact, exchange comments, and receive feedback - no matter how big or small the business or the industrial sector.

Who will be the bloggers that publish their posts on Bright Data? They will not only be SAS employees, but also people belonging to other companies interested in these topics such as experts, analysts, journalists, bloggers and students.

Continue to watch this space. We look forward to hearing from you!



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Marco Icardi

Marco Icardi is Vice President of the SAS Central-East Europe Region: Italy; Poland; Greece; Romania; Hungary; Bulgaria; Czech Rep.; Slovakia; Slovenia; Croatia and Serbia. Keen to implement innovative processes to further the development of the company, he strongly believes in the continuous involvement of employees in order to maintain momentum and passion. The current challenge is to increase the use of SAS analytical solutions in all market sectors while at the same time guaranteeing the high quality of our products and services.

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